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Why use a consultant?

Is your business or facility considering adding onsite massage therapy services but you have no idea where to begin? Save money by doing it right the first time. From planning through to implementation we will ensure that an effective and efficient plan of action is created to ensure there are no unplanned costs, delays or barriers. 

Experience the benefits

Adding massage therapy services to your existing business may be an incredible way to increase profits, improve the health and well-being of onsite staff, and improve access to manual therapy. There are a multitude of operational factors that should be thought through in order to ensure delivery of a high quality service. The treatment space location and  requirements, business licensing, marketing, appointment booking, service billing, storing of confidential information, laundering of linens, hiring therapists.....the list of things that need consideration goes on. 

Consulting Services

  • Hourly consulting - for small scale projects, the initial consideration phase or any other consulting needs. 
  • Basic package - want a winning plan to pitch to human resources or health and safety for consideration, the basic package includes a 30-minute telephone consultation to answer all your questions and provide general direction. 
  • Planning package - ready to talk about operations, the planning package includes an onsite evaluation, written report of requirements and recommendations for implementation and 30-minute follow up telephone consultation. 
  • Implementation package - from consideration to planning to implementation this package covers it all. Includes components of the basic and planning package, as well as, the organization and set up of the treatment space in order to achieve operational status.

Contact us for package details and costs. 

Why use Myokinematic Massage Therapy

With over 20 years of industry experience including creating and growing a massage therapy practice in many different settings, we are experts in massage therapy. 

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