Myokinematic Massage Therapy

Clinic Requirements and Protocols

Upholding the highest standards to keep you safe.

To meet our commitment to patient safety, we have implemented the following procedures:

1. SCREENING: Each patient must successfully complete a screening questionnaire before entry into the clinic. Patients will receive the screening questionnaire electronically 24 hours prior to the scheduled session and must complete the questionnaire prior to entering the clinic. We will utilize a tracking registry to log the entry of all persons into the clinic, in case the need for tracing arises. 

2. PHYSICAL DISTANCING: To eliminate crowding in the waiting area, patients are asked to enter the clinic no earlier than 3 minutes before the scheduled session time to ensure the therapist is ready for you. 

3. HAND HYGIENE: There are multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the clinic.  We are asking patients to sanitize upon entry and before exit, along with throughout the appointment as needed.  

4. DISINFECTION & SANITIZATION: We have implemented high frequency disinfecting protocols with Health Canada approved products. All treatment room contact surface will be disinfected between every session.  

5. MASKS: The therapist will be wearing a mask at all times while in the clinic. We are asking that patients arrive wearing their own homemade or medical mask. For further information on how to properly put on a mask click here. If patients arrive without a mask, they will not be permitted to enter the clinic. 

6. PAYMENT: In order to decrease contact points within the clinic, payment will only be able to be made by contactless payment methods (Visa,/Mastercard/American Express tap, debit tap under $100, EFT, direct billing).

7. BATHROOMS: Due to the knowledge that bathrooms are a high transmission area, all of our bathrooms are closed, except for emergencies. We kindly ask that you use your own bathroom prior to arriving for your appointment. 

8. COMPANIONS: Unless a patient requires a caregiver or is a guardian to a child under the age of 18 years old, we ask that patients attend their appointments alone.  

Thank you for working to ensure the safety of our community. We appreciate your support in helping us maintain a safe environment. It may look a little different, but we promise that our commitment to exceptional patient care is still the same. We cannot wait to help you achieve your goals.

Clinic protocols and procedures

If you would like additional information regarding the new protocols and procedures at the clinic please click on the information sheets below. At any time, if you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us

Resources: Alberta Health Services, Health Canada, Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, Physiotherapy Alberta, Massage Therapist Association of Alberta